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Helping businesses discover the power of human potential for over 17 years.


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For the past 17 years, Harrington Strategies has been helping large and small businesses successfully overcome challenges and meet goals by providing customized, proven human resource management solutions. 

After years of dealing with the constant stress due to downsizing and restructuring in the steel industry, Irene Harrington went on a quest to find a better way. Once she discovered job fit tools and systems, she knew she had found her calling.

Harrington Strategies was founded in 2000 in order to provide a way for employers to gain insight into their current and prospective employees and avoid major challenges that plague businesses. She believes that “there are no bad people, only poor job matching” and her methods have greatly increased profitability for her clients. As a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, Irene is passionate about building relationships, working side-by-side with clients, and hearing the WOW in their voice when they achieve their goals.

From manufacturing, technology, healthcare, and government entities, to service industries and non-profits, Harrington Strategies provides the power tools needed to effectively manage all phases of employment.

Harrington Strategies and its team of professional strategic alliances will collaborate with your human resource managers, executives, and owners to help you meet your goals and needs efficiently and cost effectively, while capitalizing on the power of your organization's human potential.