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Harrington Strategies, since its founding by Irene Harrington in 2000, has been providing organizations with a single source for HR services – the services needed:

  • To select, hire and onboard high performing people.
  • To train them so they have the skills needed to excel.
  • And, to develop a high performing organization to support their success.

Working with Harrington Strategies provides even small and medium-sized organizations the resources to have Fortune 500 level Human Resources without all of the expenses. And, as our clients have learned for the last 20 years, having a team of high performing people makes just about everything possible.

“Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of skills that help us better perceive, understand and manage emotions in ourselves and in others. Collectively they help us make intelligent responses to, and use of, emotions.  These skills are as important as your intellect (IQ) in determining success in work and in life. Everyone, no matter what job function, has interactions with other people. Your capacity to understand your emotions, to be aware of them and how they impact the way you behave and relate to others, will improve your “people” skills and help you ultimately be more satisfied and successful.” -Dr. Ben Palmer, Founder and CEO of Genos International.


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Be our guest for a personal introduction to Harrington Strategies’ Emotional Intelligence Solutions. An in-depth review of your needs will determine which solution is the best fit for your organization. Simply fill out a CONTACT US form below to request a follow-up from us.

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