Hire the right people for the right jobs

Most business challenges can be resolved by getting the right people in the right jobs with the right training. The success of a company has more to do with the people you hire and how you manage than any other factor. That’s why it’s crucial to make the best employee decisions possible.

Harrington Strategies works with you to create a customized plan to select, develop, and connect employees. We use scientific tools and systems to guide you through your employment challenges. These tools utilize the best of your company’s human potential and reduce cost, time, and stress.

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PXT Select™ offers superior selection and employee assessment tools to help organizations make smarter hiring decisions. These tools help you effectively select, onboard, coach, and develop employees for excellent performance.

If you need to screen job applicants and select the best candidates, PXT Select is the tool you need. This assessment helps measure job fit and identify candidates who can do the job, will do the job, and will enjoy doing the job. It measures interests, behavioral tendencies, and other characteristics that are important when considering an applicant. The powerful data provided by the PXT Select helps you hire the right people for the right jobs.

Contact us to discover the value that this flexible all-inclusive PXT Select solution set can bring to hiring and development in your organization.

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PXT Select™ helps you:

  • hire based on job relevant objective data
  • gain candidate insight beyond the resume and interview
  • save time and money by utilizing a streamlined selection process
  • successfully measure job fit through a total person approach
  • increase employee engagement and productivity by capitalizing on their strengths
  • select, develop, and retain top talent




Additional Solutions

Step One Survey II®

Step One Survey II® is a brief pre-employment screening evaluation that measures an individual’s basic work-related values. This pre-employment test is used primarily as a screening tool early in the candidate selection process. Work-related values that we closely examine in our Step One Survey II include: employee background, employment history, integrity, personal reliability, and work ethic. This assessment reduces hiring risk in a quick and cost-effective manner by evaluating various work-related values including (but not limited to) personal integrity, reliability, and work ethic.

Step One Survey II can help you:

  • Gain valuable insight into job applicants
  • Select candidates that best match specific job situations
  • Tailor employee management and communication strategies

ApplicantPool Hiring Software

ApplicantPool is a web-based hiring software that automates every step in your hiring process. ApplicantPool Hiring Software helps you with posting jobs, publishing the ad, screening applicants, thank you and rejection emails, pre-hire assessments, background screening and more. The labor and cost-saving effects of the online recruiting system (the hiring system and the assessments)...your savings in paper, paper storage, EEO tracking time, reduction in interviews, replacement of most advertising expenses, and protection from most of the risks of bad hires make the ROI equation a very positive one.

ApplicantPool helps you with everything including:

  • Writing the job ad
  • Posting and publishing the job
  • Receiving and reviewing resumes
  • Screening, tracking, and reporting on applicants and new hires

ProScreening Background Check Services

Looking for a simple, paperless background check process? With ProScreening, the process couldn’t be easier! ProScreening customers enjoy the flexibility of customized reports. We understand that each employer is different. Our team designs a screening program that fits your specific needs.

OnBoard Forms

OnBoardForms takes the paper out of paperwork, streamlining your on-boarding and allowing your new hires to get on the job fast! Our completely digital process allows employees to fill out the necessary forms and accurately capture all the required information one time!  The core functionality of OnBoardForms creates a simple, intuitive and efficient experience for new hires when filling out paperwork.  Fully-streamlined, our software allows users to input their information one-time to automatically fill-in every form where that data is required.