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The Right People.

Irene Harrington. Founding Principal. A 20-year Human Resources professional with a unique background and insights.

Team Members. People who are subject matter experts in their fields and help deliver our core-offerings.

Strategic Alliances. We have developed great working relationships with our alliances. They are all highly specialized, and available when we need them.  This is one reason we remain a competitive full-service firm. This philosophy keeps our overhead – and your costs down.

The Right Attitude.

Experience to understand your problems.

Experience to create and implement the right solutions.

The tenacity to not stop until the job is done. We stay connected make sure your solution continues to work.

Driven by Values and Value.

Integrity. We do what’s right. For your company and ours. Masters of win-win situations.

Return on Investment for our clients. We join in celebrations when things go right. We accept responsibility when they don’t.

Reliability. Bottom line: We deliver great products and services – on time and on budget. Every time.

The Harrington Strategies Bottom Line

Depth of Experience

Harrington Strategies has collaborated with many different organizations and it’s usually the case we have worked through problems like yours. We can readily offer perspectives based on what we’ve seen work (or not work) before. This brings faster resolutions, as well as new and innovative ideas on overcoming challenges. Plus, giving your in-house staff access to good consultants serves as training for them – making them better at their jobs going forward.

Specialized Skills

Almost every step of running an organization involves HR. Harrington Strategies will work with your team to ensure your HR function is aligned with your organizational objectives, act as a resource providing advice and solutions, help with the demands on your time, help you to scale your organization, and elevate the performance of your HR function.

Effective and Efficient

Not only do you have access to valuable expertise and skill-sets, they are there for you on an “as needed” basis and paid for as used. Leveraging outsourced resources to hire, train and develop high performing people can be the best way to maximize your ROI per employee. And that, after all, is one of the most important metrics that smart organizations measure, no matter what industry or sector they are in.