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What is ApplicantPool?

–> It integrates every piece of your hiring process into one system.

–> It helps with posting jobs and publishing ads, screening applicants, thank you and rejection emails, pre-hire assessments, background screening and more.

ApplicantPool helps you stand out with applicants with…

–> Easy to find online postings

–> Automated resume uploads

–> Professional email communication

–> And mobile-friendly app

About Us

Harrington Strategies, since its founding by Irene Harrington in 2000, has been providing organizations with a single source for HR services – the services needed:

  • To select, hire and onboard high performing people.
  • To train them so they have the skills needed to excel.
  • And, to develop a high performing organization to support their success.

Working with Harrington Strategies provides even small and medium-sized organizations to have Fortune 500 level Human Resources without all of the expenses. And, as our clients have learned for over 20 years, having a team of high performing people makes just about everything possible.

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Ready to Get Started?

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