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Irene Harrington, SHRM-SCP

Founding Principal, Harrington Strategies, LLC

Once Irene Harrington discovered “job fit” tools, a way for organizations to gain greater insight into their employees, she knew she had found her calling. She founded Harrington Strategies in January 2000 after a successful twenty-year career in the manufacturing and materials distribution industries.

Harrington Strategies’ and its team of seasoned professionals collaborate with clients to help them meet their goals and needs efficiently and cost-effectively, while investing in their organization’s human potential for success.

We provide our clients with the resources and expertise they need to:

Attract, hire, onboard and retain the best people.

Train those people to reach their full potential.

Develop an organization that fully supports the success of their people.

With Harrington Strategies’ guidance, clients avoid major pitfalls that typically plague organizations, such as high turnover, low productivity, team dysfunction, and poor communication.

We are dedicated to do what’s right for our clients and contribute to the creation of workplaces that foster excellence through people who are fully engaged in what they do, working collaboratively with others, which benefits themselves, the organization, and the greater community.

Credentials Include:

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