4 Ways to Attract Mobile Job Seekers

Did you know that 9 out of 10 job seekers today search and apply for jobs on their mobile devices?mobile job seeker phone employment

This means that the days of skimming the newspaper classifieds or sitting at a desktop to fill out job applications are over. People are on the go – but almost always with a mobile device of some sort.

As an employer, there are a few things you can do to take advantage of the 89% of job seekers who are using their phones.

Here are 4 ways to attract mobile job seekers:

1. Mobile Optimize Your Website

Just having a mobile-friendly career website that is viewable on a smartphone or tablet is not enough. Spend the money and take the time to optimize your website for mobile job seekers. They will notice and think more highly of your company if they can easily view your website on the go. Make sure it looks good, navigates easily, and is readable on all mobile devices.

2. Simplify Your Employment Application

If you are serious about getting mobile job seekers to apply for jobs, you need to make the application process on smartphones or tablets quick and easy. Create a shorter application that asks for only the most necessary information and is easy to fill out on a small screen.

3. Video Interview Your Job Candidates

job seeker on phoneA great way to save time and money, as well as reach more job seekers, is to start with a phone or video interview before bringing the candidate into the office for a face-to-face interview. Many people have responsibilities that make it difficult to come in for an interview, but would be willing to video in on their lunch break. This is also a good way to screen candidates and get a sense of their personality and skill set before having them to your office.

4. Text and Email Your Job Updates

Have a new job opening? Shoot out a text or email that lets previous applicants know about open positions with a link directly to the career website. They are likely to forward the text or email to any friends they think might be qualified if it’s easy to share on their mobile devices.

As an employer, mobile devices can be your best friend.

If your website is optimized, online employment application is simple, and you utilize technology for interviewing and communicating with candidates, you might just get those 9 out of 10 awesome job seekers!

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