5 Signs Your Small Business Needs to Hire an HR Professional

Small business owners do it all.

But at some point, running your own accounting, sales, marketing, and human resource department becomes too much to keep up with.

The last thing a small business owner wants to deal with is a wrongful-termination lawsuit, harassment claims, or employees who are confused about policies and processes.

So at what point should you hire a human resource professional?

While there is no “magic clock” that will tell you when it’s time to hire an HR professional, there some telltale signs that the time might be right.

Here are 5 signs that it’s time for your small business to consider hiring a human resource professional:

  • Inability to Hire, Develop, and Retain the Right People

As a business owner, you probably know that having the wrong person in the wrong job can cost a lot of money and cause unnecessary stress. If you are having trouble recruiting, training, and keeping the right employees, then it’s probably time to consider hiring a human resource specialist.

  • Concerned about Legal Risk

No one wants to deal with a lawsuit. However, because human resource laws, regulations, and requirements are so complex, it’s easy to overlook something. If you do not have best practices in place, then your chances of making a mistake greatly increase. Don’t wait until you are in the middle of a legal battle with an angry ex-employee to hire an HR professional.

  • Employee Relations Issues are on the Rise

Most small business owners are not sufficiently trained to handle employee relations issues, especially when the issue might be between themselves and another employee. When it comes to managing employee conflict, attendance issues, or disciplinary matters, it’s best to leave it up to a human resource manager who has had the appropriate training.

  • Employees are Confused about Policies and Processes

Again, best left up to a professional. Developing policies and processes that meet Human Resource laws and requirements can be quite complex. If you are looking to get more organized in this area, it’s always a good idea to get some guidance from someone familiar with the industry.

  • Compensation and Benefits Programs are Insufficient

There comes a time in every business that employees need to be rewarded for their hard work. If you do not have an organized system for compensating your employees, this could cause issues. Making sure to offer appropriate rewards and benefits is something an HR professional can take off your load.

Is the time right for your small business to hire an HR Professional? Contact us to get more information on where to start!